At DFW Air Conditioning and Heating we have over 100 years of work experience in commercial and residential HVAC and over 45 years of retail operations and refrigeration’s experience. We are recognized for our ability to handle any and all size jobs and carry both an HVAC Contractors “A” and “B” refrigeration license

Our company’s first and foremost concern is customer service and communication between the customers, technicians and ourselves. We stay in constant communication with the technicians and the customer to ensure that the work is properly diagnosed and repaired and or a recommendation for a replacement is provided to the customer. Since you never know when your HVAC unit will fail we provide 24/7 full service for all our current and new customers. Your comfort level is important to us and we will do everything possible to ensure that your unit is back up and running quickly.

We have a strong tradition of delivering quality workmanship, great customer service, solid communication and a trusting partnership. We understand that making the type of investment that is required from a HVAC or Refrigeration startup to maintaining the equipment can be very expensive. We will provide an in depth analysis of your equipment in the event there are issues found. We don’t charge for parts or equipment just to do so, as our technicians are not on an incentive plan to replace parts or equipment. We do what is right to maximize the efficiency of the equipment and to save you money!

We pride ourselves in quality workmanship, honesty and integrity and strive to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them. We will make a difference!


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