Your Facilities Heating and cooling system is very complex. The bigger the building the more complex the system is. At DFW HVAC we have the experience and knowledge to handle all of your systems problems. Our Technicians can troubleshoot the problem because we understand how the systems works and have the experience to complete the repair.

When we receive a call from you the process begins by asking preliminary questions before we even depart for your facility. These questions are the building blocks of efficient diagnostics and prepares us for what to expect. The more we know before arriving at your site the quicker we can get you back up and running properly.

Once on site the Technician will work closely with you so you are "Up to Speed" on the issue and you can make informed decisions concerning the repairs, parts need or if the equipment has reached the end of it's useful life. What ever is found, DFW HVAC will stay with you until the issue is resolved.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

If you do anything at all with your Facilities Heating or Cooling equipment, the most important thing to have is a "Preventative Maintenance Plan".

Results of Ignored Maintenance:

"Although good maintenance practices are important to the efficient operation of all building equipment, there are few areas where this is more evident than in the maintenance of building chillers. For example, consider the impact that good maintenance can have on chiller efficiency.

Most new, high-efficiency centrifugal chillers carry a full-load efficiency rating of approximately 0.50 kW per ton. If that chiller is well maintained, in five years it can be expected to have a full-load efficiency of 0.55-0.60 kW per ton.

If maintenance has been ignored for that same chiller, it would not be surprising to find that the full-load efficiency had decreased to 0.90 to 1.0 kW per ton. On an annual basis, this means that a poorly maintained chiller will use 20-25 percent more energy annually to produce the same cooling."

Equipment Replacement

What ever you needs are, DFW HVAC can provide the solution. From a 1 Ton Mini-Split to a 500 Ton Chiller, we have the experience and knowledge base to get you back in business quickly.

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