Our company was first started by Bill Schultz in 2007. Bill has over 20 years of experience and got his start working on AC units while he was in the Navy and stationed aboard the USS Jesse L. Brown.  After Bill was honorably discharged from the Navy he worked for various companies on all types of HVAC units ranging in sizes from a residential split system to commercial HVAC units, 500 ton chillers, boilers, towers, etc. He has extensive background and training in diagnosing, repair and replacement of any types of HVAC units, chillers, boilers and towers.  

Mike Istre joined the company as a business partner in June 2014. Mike has 45 years in the supermarket business which includes operations and maintenance of a 500 store chain.  Mike started his career in the retail stores and then served as VP of Maintenance & Energy. The maintenance of 500 stores consisted of repairs, replacement, and Re-Commissioning of refrigeration racks, HVAC units and grocery store envelope to reduce energy usage within the stores.

Bill and Mike’s first and foremost concern is customer service and communication between the customers, technicians and ourselves. Bill stays in constant communication with the technicians and the customer to ensure that the work is properly diagnosed and a recommendation for a repair or replacement is provided to the customer.