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Energy Optimization Service


Retro-Commissioning focuses on stores that by design do not have modern Energy Management Systems (EMS).

DFW-HVAC will provide a complete energy survey of your Refrigeration, HVAC system, Department Exhaust Systems and Store Lighting Process. Included with this survey, a proposal to up-grade your existing store envelope using the latest EMS system technology.  Retro-Commissioning works hand in hand with any major repair work that should be completed to make the energy savings a reality.

Benefits of Retro-Commissioning:

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Equipment operating at peak efficency

  • Minimizing system down time

  • Increased equipment life

  • Reduces service calls

  • Lower maintenance cost

  • Reduced product shrink

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  Click here to read a California case study on the reason Re-Commissioning's are Not done.