Time and Material Repairs & Maintenance

DFW HVAC is available 24/7/365 to respond to your Refrigeration, Heating, Air Conditioning and Dehumidification needs. This means each job is performed and charged for the time and materials it takes to complete the job. This type work is time sensitive and you the customer manages each job by deciding the extent of work and materials used.

DFW HVAC manages each Time & Material job by:

  • Matching the Technicians specific skills to the type of  work needed

  • By ensuring the problem is diagnosed and repaired correctly the first time

Preventative Maintenance

A quality PM (Preventative Maintenance) program is essential to maintaining your Refrigeration and HVAC equipment at peak efficiency. Your PM program will:

  • Reduce emergency service

  • Reduce equipment down time

  • Reduce loss of sales

  • Reduce refrigerant use

  • Reduce energy use

  • Extend Equipment life

  • Enhance Customer satisfaction

Determining the PM program that best suits your needs is key. At DFW we can survey your Home, Facility or Store and provide you with a sound program that fits you specific needs.

DFW's quarterly General Maintenance PM

Walk the entire store to check for issues with refrigerated cases

  • Fan motors

  • Iced up cases

  • Sweating cases

  • Cases leaking water on floor

  • Damaged case trim and panels

  • Case Temperatures

  • Inoperative thermometers

  • Leak check all cases, walk-in coolers and freezers and pipe tubing chase

Mechanical room

  • Leak check Machine Room, back room and all tubing chase

  • Change Rack System oil and filter driers

  • Test all system safety controls for proper operation and set points

  • Inspect all electrical connections

  • Take electrical readings of all compressors

  • Check for excessive vibration

  • Check all temperature sensors for accuracy and operation

  • Secure all loose connectors and clamps

  • Check and record all refrigerant levels

These are the basic items on a Preventative Maintenance program. DFW HVAC can perform this and other processes as your need arises.