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DFW Air Conditioning and Heating is a full service HVAC and Refrigeration service provider. We hold a class A HVAC and a Class B Refrigeration license. We understand HVAC and Refrigeration operation and can quickly get you back at peak operating conditions, reduce energy usage and provide for long term results. We strive to be the best in the industry and have the experience to provide savings for your home or business. We can provide solutions that are fair, honest and save you money.


On demand service and repair. Full 24 hour service on refrigeration and HVAC systems in your home, facility or store.

  • Much of our Service & Maintenance work is performed on a time & material (T&M) basis, meaning customers pay for the time it takes to complete a job and the related material.

  • T&M work is time sensitive. At DFW we manage each job to ensure you only pay for the work that is performed.

  • We strive to use the right technician for the right job.

  • Fix it right the first time.

  • Service and repair agreements to fit your needs. Time and Material (preferred vendor)

  • Maintenance Agreement Contract (MAC)- MACs are typically negotiated annually and contracts typically cover multiple locations. Work on items not specifically defined/covered in the MAC is negotiated with the customer under a separate Time & Material service offering.

  • Quoted Work- We are more than happy to provide you with a fair and reasonable quote in a timely manner to fix or replace the failed component and get your system operating to peak performance as soon as possible.


  • The HVAC system is the heart of your store and refrigeration system. Managing humidity levels is a challenge for grocery stores where customer comfort and product integrity depends on proper store conditions. The common practice of adjusting a building's air temperature to try to maintain an acceptable humidity level dramatically increases energy kWh use and costs, and can negatively affect customer comfort. Additionally, too much humidity can cause condensation on the refrigerator coils, further increasing energy usage. In a grocery retail setting, frost and ice can form on case doors and the product itself, leading to product deterioration and an undesirable appearance.

Leak Detection:

  • It is no secret that refrigerant is expensive and presents a negative impact to the environment. Detecting and fixing refrigerant leaks and performing frequent leak checks is more critical now than ever before! Our service technicians are fully trained to perform leak checks, detect, and fix all leaks. The goal is to help you protect your valuable investment in refrigerant and your refrigerated product. Also, if you do not have a leak detection system installed, DFW can help you select the right equipment for the job! Catching a leak early will pay for the detection system many times over.

Case Cleaning:

Keeping your refrigerated cases clean is without a doubt the most overlooked PM process in a grocery store, yet it is an inexpensive way to help ensure their optimal performance and appearance. DFW can help you with this process, which includes the following steps:

  • Disassemble coil housing.

  • HVAC, Refrigeration and combination agreements

  • Air filter replacements

  • Condenser, evaporator and heat reclaim coil cleaning

  • HVAC replacements, upgrades and new installations

  • Refrigeration system replacements, upgrades and enhancements

  • Refrigeration restoration services- We restore HVAC and Refrigeration systems as close to the original design specifications as possible. On older systems we aim for the optimal operation of the equipment.

Energy Services:

  • Re-Commissioning service from a simple tune up to a full Energy Management System installation to reduce your energy load and carbon footprint. We have a proven track record on reducing kWh usage and refrigeration or HVAC failures.

  • Retro-Commissioning

  • During some refrigeration system installations, it is possible that the system was not set up to run at its peak operating efficiency. This system will benefit by completing a Retro-Commissioning to reach its full energy efficiency potential.

ECM Retrofits:

  • Electrically Commutated Motors (ECM) are much more energy efficient than the shaded pole motors (SPM) currently in use. By replacing the SPM motors in your store you can save over 60% on energy over the SPM motors.

Variable Frequency Drives:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) reduce the speed and energy of any motor they control. During reduced load, the VFD will slow the motor by as much as 80%. This will prevent banks of motors from cycling from off to full power any time the load increases. DFW can include VFW drives when the need arises.

High-Cost Store Solutions:

  • When DFW partners with you we go after the “low hanging fruit” first. You supply a list of the high energy use stores and high utility rate stores. These will present the greatest reduction of kWh usage from a Commissioning process. Your return on investment can be less than one year in these heavy use stores. 

New Store Commissioning:

  • When a new store is being built or equipment is replaced during a remodel, is the necessary time to Commission a store. If it is set up correctly from the beginning, you will benefit from the lowest energy use from the beginning.

Door Retrofits:

  • Replacing old fluorescent lights in refrigerated cases provides multiple benefits. It reduces the load on the refrigeration system and allows the adjacent aisle to “warm up” to the temperature of the rest of the store. DFW can provide a comprehensive plan to complete these projects.

LED Lighting:

  • Replacing old, tired fluorescent case lighting with a bright, efficient LED light source will provide returns for years. LED lights are instant on at full brightness and retain their full power for many years. Fluorescent lights begin to fade quickly and increase in energy use as they age. DFW can provide you with a case lighting solution that will greatly reduce your kWh use and high light the produce you are presenting to your customer.


    We do what is right to maximize the efficiency of your equipment and to save you money! 

    We are on call 24/7/365 for your convenience. We treat your home, store and systems as if they were our own.